Ideas for using the daily Notes spaces in your Quo Vadis planner

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Many of the Quo Vadis planners including the weekly Trinote, Prenote and (academic-year) Septanote and the daily Notor and (academic-year) Textagenda have a designated space for notes at the bottom of each day. This space is nice to use as a landing space to jot anything that comes up during the day. But there are many different ways to use this space.

The Notes spaces are great places to write your goals and daily intentions, which I talked about in this post here. The separate space keeps your daily goals visible, and easy to check off as you accomplish them. Then later when you are doing your review, it’s easy to see whether you are working your plan.

These spaces are also a great way to do a little bit of journaling each day. The small space isn’t as intimidating as a full page, so if you are short on time you don’t have to feel the pressure of writing a lot every day. Just jotting the most significant events of the day will provide a great record. I used my Textagenda in this way several years ago, using the notes space to write cute things my kids said and did.

Another great way to use this space is for meal planning. It’s a nice clear space to plan out your dinner menu, and easy to see when you look back later for meal ideas. Kristy uses the notes spaces in her Textagenda pages for meal planning, which she talks about in her guest post here.

How do you use the daily notes space in your planner?


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