Time management Monday: What are your time management challenges?

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busy schedule?

Everyone has their own time management challenges. Let’s help each other out and give suggestions. Maybe you’ve been in their situation before and can give some advice.

I know people who work from home (myself and others) who juggle billable work, household chores, family, volunteer and more. When your work space is your home space, it helps to compartmentalize your time. I gave some suggestions in this post.

I know people who work in an open-plan office who struggle with constant noise, distractions and interruptions. I salute anyone who is able to concentrate and focus on producing work in these situations. How do you do it?

I know people who work on multiple projects at once with several different people to report to. How do you keep track of all the benchmarks, deadlines and deliverables?

I know people who work all day, come home and collapse on the couch from exhaustion. How does anyone get their household chores and errands done when you are spent after work?

I know people who are full-time carers for their elderly parents or disabled child. When you spend the vast majority of your time taking care of someone who is unable to do things for themselves, how do you have time to do your things that need to get done?

I know people who drop their kids off at daycare early in the morning, work a full day, rush to pick up their kids before daycare closes (and charges them extra by the minute), get home to make dinner, bathtime and bedtime and then have more work to do, bills to pay, dishes and laundry and floors to clean. How can these folks streamline tasks so they have any free time at all?

And in light of all this, how does anyone ever have the time to do things like exercise or sort digital photos?

What are your time management challenges? And can you give us some advice on how you have overcome yours? Please post a comment!


3 thoughts on “Time management Monday: What are your time management challenges?

  1. I have many challenges, but feel that they boil down to one thing: ADHD. The extremely uneven and unpredictable energy and focus is so difficult to plan around. I might be highly productive early in the morning on one day and hopelessly distracted at the same time the following day. I become hyper-focused and struggle to drag myself away to address other priorities. I forget things. I have absolutely zero conception of time passing. I compulsively do things at the last minute, even if it makes me late and even if the tasks were not really high-priority. The planner helps me manage many of these things but really no system or tool resolves the chaos. At this point in my life, I treasure the gifts (extraordinarily broad curiosity, creativity, outstanding problem-solving capabilities, total flexibility) and try to forgive myself for all the rest. At the end of the day, the best we can do is the best we can do.

  2. Most of my major tasks are writing or grading-based, which means I have a lot of butt-in-chair time. When I’m working from home (such as weekends or Spring Break, which is now), I find that scheduling in “breaks” that are actually chores (laundry, tidying, dinner-planning) actually makes the chores feel like a break, simply because the tasks require such different energies. When I hit the “ugh, twenty minutes of sorting socks” point, coming back to my desk feels like a refreshing shift. Also, mixing in physically active but mentally easy things like cleaning gives me a chance for my brain to relax and possibly reconsider a problem I’ve run up against in my writing.

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