Time management Monday: Time management methods?

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Hurry up. Time goes by...

There are loads of time management methods out there: GTD, Pomodoro, 80/ 20, on and on. I don’t follow any particular method, but I do incorporate tips from several different types into how I manage my time and my tasks.

Something I’ve always loved about Quo Vadis planners is they encourage good time management habits by helping you with time blocking, contextual lists and daily priorities. The formats are flexible so you can incorporate techniques that work for you without forcing you into any particular structure.

Do you use a particular time management method? What works for you?


2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Time management methods?

  1. I mish & mash. A little of this, little of that, & a sprinkle here too. I like to use GTD contexts (on occassion), “If it takes less than 2 minutes” rule, weekly reviews, agendas, & the rule of “write everything down”. Pomodoro when I want to hammer away & get things off my list fast (I don’t use this one too often, as I find that the next day I am mentally & physically drained).

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