How do you use Priority boxes in your planner?

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Priority box

In many Quo Vadis planners such as the Trinote, Minister and Hebdo (shown above), there is a Priority box at the top of each day’s space. It’s a great place to write the most important things that day for maximum visibility.

I’m curious how people use theirs. Do you write the most important event of the day? Do you use it for your most important tasks? Bills due? Big deadlines? Birthdays and anniversaries? More than one of these?

3 thoughts on “How do you use Priority boxes in your planner?

  1. If something is truly a priority (like the big work project due on Monday), it goes in that box.

    But day-to-day, I use it to list things that leave the house with me and what I plan to wear.

    For example, it might list purse/cell, tote with errands (library books to return and such), and yoga gear. It might also say, “Wear yoga pants.”

  2. One the left side I use appointments, all important things that absolutely must be done, on the right side I write reminders (incl. call to this & that, this bill is due- I usually pay bills every Friday so usually I have these reminders already checked off but it´s nice to be in the know in case something happens. I just got back from sick-bed after several weeks due to meningitis and an influenza following so experience showed me that this thing came handy indeed. I also remind myself of paperwork that needs be filled and returned etc. I do this in short words but I have a bullet journal in which i delve in great detail.

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