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Next up in our Featured Reader series is Kristy, author of the awesome blog Giftie Etcetera!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a log cabin in the swamplands of Louisiana. I always loved sitting on the porch, with a café au lait in hand, watching people walk by the house. Now that I’m all grown up, I do the same thing at city coffee shops, planner in hand.

Do you have a blog/ website?

I blog almost daily at www.giftieetcetera.com.

How long have you been using Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks?

I have been admiring Quo Vadis planners for years. Finally, last year, I broke down and bought one. It seemed crazy and impulsive at the time, as I have a ring-bound planner personality. But other planners just could not match the incredible layouts available from Quo Vadis, so I decided to make it work!

What Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks are you using now?

I am addicted to the Quo Vadis Textagenda. The layout is simple, with both a schedule and plenty of room for setting up the page so it fits my life.

Please tell us some details on how you are using it.

My ring bound planner has a decent monthly and weekly page set-up, but for daily pages, nothing works like my Textagenda. I actually tear out the daily pages and hole-punch them to use on busy days, when a daily planner is absolutely necessary. With only a bit of trimming, they fit right into a 4 X 6 planner.

Textagenda works better for this than other bound planners because the binding is sewn on, so I just snip it with a scissors and pop out the pages.

Quo Vadis Daily Spread (2)

I use the schedule at top of the page much as you might suspect, putting in the details of the day’s appointments.

The blue Priority box is where I list things that must leave the house with me.

I make two columns in the middle of the page: must dos and should dos. The open layout of the Quo Vadis Textagenda makes this possible.

Finally, menu planning and any note-taking goes in the notes section.

Another favorite feature of my Quo Vadis Textagenda? The annual spread is wonderful. I use it for Future planning.

Quo Vadis Annual Spread (2)

As I write an appointment on my Future pages in my planner (where I keep any appointments that go beyond my current calendar), I highlight that date on the annual spread. It gives me a great overview of what is coming up and allows me to check at a simple glance whether I am already booked that day.

What is your favorite Quo Vadis product?

I love the Textagenda so much that I suggest it to any friend who wants a daily non-ring bound planner.

What is the future for paper planners?

I will always use paper. There is just something about writing!

Are the Quo Vadis planner formats still useful or do we need to develop other kinds of layouts? (and if so what are your suggestions?)

I love the layouts. I would love ring-bound inserts in the classic Quo Vadis layouts.

What are your biggest time management challenges?

My days are never routine. One day, I need a big schedule. The next, I might need plenty of task list space.

How many notebooks do you have in use at once?

2. I only have my ring-bound planner and my Quo Vadis. But, as I mentioned, I use them together, so I only carry one.

What are the most important features of a notebook for you?

A notebook must have bright paper and be small enough to hold in my hand comfortably.

Huge thanks again to Kristy! If you haven’t already seen her blog Giftie Etcetera you must go check it out for loads of planning tips.

You too could be a Featured Reader here on Quo Vadis blog! Email me at laurie (@) quovadisplanners (dot) com if you would like to share how you use your Quo Vadis planners and/ or notebooks.

2 thoughts on “Featured Reader: Kristy

  1. Thierry, you just articulated why it took me so long to get a Quo Vadis. I felt the same. But the layouts were just irresistible. Turns out that they look good in a ring bound planner, too.

  2. Well, that’s interesting! Tearing out pages, trimming them and punching according to your need…
    I’ll never have the heart to do that, but it makes me realize that a planner is a tool first, when sometimes I tend to consider mine as a “candy for the eyes” object.

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