Writing Wednesday: White-paper Habanas discontinued

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In last week’s Writing Wednesday I asked what type of paper people like, and I mentioned that the Habana notebooks are available with white or ivory paper.

Well I hate to tell you this, but the white paper Habanas have been discontinued. There are still some available on Paper Bistro, click here for their white-paper Habana selection so you can panic buy stock up on your favorite notebooks before they are all gone.

There is a chance the white-paper Habanas might return to production later this year as a limited edition.

If white-paper Habana notebooks become available again, what size would you prefer, large or pocket? And what color covers: black, red, raspberry, lime green, orange or turquoise?

As always I will give you any updates as I receive them.

How do you feel about the discontinuation of the white-paper Habana notebooks?

5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: White-paper Habanas discontinued

  1. It is a real shame that white paper Habanas are soon to be no more.
    I much prefer the white to the ivory paper. Sadly once the white paper is all gone there will then be no need for me to continue to buy Quo Vadis and Habanas.

  2. This is too bad. I really do not care for buff/natural/cream paper. Nothing beats the crispness of white, especially when using multiple colors ink. 🙁

  3. I am very upset that the Habanas will no longer have white paper. That was my next planned journal purchase! The white Clairefontaine paper really makes the ink colors pop and accentuates the shading.

    I really hope they bring the white back. Especially in a lined format. I would like the large size, especially in black, turquoise, or raspberry. Next choice would be red. I’m not a fan of orange or lime green.

  4. Large and any color except black or orange. This is beyond frustrating as Habanas were my gateway to good fountain pen paper. Guess I’ll have to find another brand to replace as Webbies are NOT a good substitute with their dingy paper.

  5. Well, well, well. Just when I was thinking my Ivory paper Habana will be replaced by a white paper one next purchase…
    And large is definitevely a size I prefer.

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