Writing Wednesday: What’s your favorite paper?

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Since you are reading this blog, I’m assuming you are a fan of Clairefontaine paper, the paper that’s in Quo Vadis planners. Clairefontaine paper is specifically designed to give a wonderful writing experience. The paper comes in a variety of weights, and in white, ivory or a slight greenish tint (to be easier on the eyes).

Recently ShopWritersBloc blog did a post on why they love Clairefontaine paper. The 90 gsm paper they refer to in the post is the paper in many of the Quo Vadis planners (see the list here under Fountain Pen Friendly Planners).

All Quo Vadis planners use Clairefontaine paper, but not all use the 90 gsm paper. The day per page planners and some of the pocket size planners use thinner paper to reduce the bulk of the book. These papers are still super-smooth and delightful to write on, and work fine with thinner-nibbed fountain pens. In fact, in another post on ShopWritersBloc they detail the types of paper in the Quo Vadis pocket size planners in handy categories.

I first became obsessed with addicted to interested in Clairefontaine paper many years ago when my sister had a Textagenda planner with the super-smooth white 64 gsm paper. I absolutely had to have one!

A few years later on a trip to Paris I bought a bunch of Clairefontaine notebooks and used them all through graduate school for class notes, thesis research and general writing. My personal favorite was, and still is the extra-white 90 gsm paper, although I enjoy all the Clairefontaine papers for their smoothness.

Habana notebooks also use super-smooth Clairefontaine paper, in a choice of white or ivory with a weight of 85 gsm. Years ago the Habanas in the US had white paper, then at one point they all switched to ivory paper. There was an outcry for a return to white paper, so now they are offered in both white and ivory.

What is your favorite paper for writing? Do you prefer white or ivory paper?

4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: What’s your favorite paper?

  1. The paper in my Daily 21 QV planner is silky smooth, it takes ink well, although you do have to let it dry before you close the planner. The paper is thin but no bleed through at all.

  2. I’m in college and I use Clairfontaine notebooks almost exclusively for all my classes. I love the paper to death and since I’m a fountain pen user, it’s really nice to have FP friendly paper.

  3. Definitely the white 90gm with sewn bindings. The Habana was my first addiction before it was made aggravating for those of us who still use nibs larger than F or M and saturated inks. Ivory paper is so tiring when using colorful inks as it drabs the colors and makes my eyes ache when I transcribe in modern dim lighting. What’s the point of spending extra for nice ink if it’s going to be muddied by dull paper?

  4. I use the Clariefontaine 90gm paper every day in my work notebook. I have used this type of notebook for years No. 9606C 11x17cm size.

    The paper is wonderful, long-lasting, great for fountain pen, pen or pencil.

    My only gripe is that Clariefontaine has now changed the binding in these notebooks from sewn to perfect binding (glued binding.) They say it is just as durable, but I’ve never had a glued binding notebook last, and my notebooks are archives of work and need to be laid out flat when I write.

    Dang, I’ll miss this format. I wish I had a dozen in reserve!

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