Time management Monday: Keeping track of multiple people in your planner

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Whether you’re a parent, a manager or a team leader, you need an easy way to keep track of multiple people at once. It’s handy to keep track of everyone in your planner so that you know where each person needs to be, and when.

Below are several examples of ways to use different types of planners to keep track of everyone. Click on the photos for a larger view.

The Trinote, Prenote and Septanote planners have timed daily columns with space for notes at the bottom of each day. It’s easy to use the timed column for yourself, and the notes space to keep track of family or team members.


Family tracking in Trinote


The ABP1 day per page planner has a timed column at the left and a large notes space at the right of each page. You can use the column for your own schedule, and the notes area for team members. You can see shared meetings and deadlines while keeping your own schedule separate.


Proposal team in ABP1


Below you can see an example of a busy family’s Saturday in a Journal 21 day per page planner. I’ve created columns for each person so you can see who needs to be where, and who is driving. Shared activities get written across the page. Family Movie Night, woo hoo!


Busy family in Journal 21


You can use color coding to turn any planner into a multi-person tracker. Below you can see color coding in a Hebdo weekly planner (same format as the Scholar academic-year planner) to keep track of mom’s personal and work schedule and deadlines plus everyone in the family, and even what’s for dinner.


Color coding in Hebdo


Do you keep track of multiple people in your planner? What are your tips?

3 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Keeping track of multiple people in your planner

  1. For family, color coding and arrows for marking in my paper planner and the family wall calendar. In my planner, it’s often more about blocking the time than what exactly someone else is doing. I use the same color codes in iCal, too. I’ve built up the 8 colors I use over years, so remembering what is what is burned in my brain now (although my daughter vascillates between pink and purple based on which she likes better at a given moment). A couple of multi pens like the Coleto makes it really easy.

    For co-workers, I write deviations to their normal schedule that impact me, but in pencil because things change. It’s usually just a note in the open area at the top of the day – I started that in my Visual years ago.

  2. I stick to color coding – one color for me, one for my husband, and a third for events that we are both involved in. It makes it very easy to see at a quick glance who is busy when, without even having to look at the details!

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