Reintroduce the “Journey Books”?

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Should we bring back Journey Books or a similar edition?

Journey Books have been discontinued since 2008.  We continue to get requests to bring them back.  A few are still available for purchase on Paper Bistro. Considering the covers are real leather they are quite a buy.

Journey Books started out in 2002 as “Bound Leather Notebooks” in tan and black. They were billed as “A field notebook…for all those who long for the trail.”  The first image – “Wild Ducks” – was an original design by French graphic artists Rafbet Garcia and Caroline Pruih in the old Japanese tradition of wood-block carving for printing.  Over the years we added other designs and also plain covers.

The notebooks came in two sizes:  large (6 1/4 x 9 1/4″) and pocket (4 x 6 7/8″.)  We did not shrink wrap them because we wanted people to be able to feel the covers and paper. Over the years, the original leather tie was dropped for a black elastic band.  We also changed the name to “Journey Book” to reflect how people were using notebooks as diaries for personal growth, reflections and spiritual work.

One feature people really loved (and miss) about the Journey Books is the very thin ruling. In the pocket there are 29 lines per page; and each solid line runs completely across the page.  In today’s Habana, which is slightly longer and wider, there are 26 discretely dotted lines with blank borders on either side.

The Habana may be more sophisticated and elegant, but you can pack in a lot of information and writing on every page in a  Journey Book.  The Habana uses 85g ivory Clairefontaine paper. The Journey Book is filled with 90g white Clairefontaine paper. They both take ink well, although colors are more vivid on white paper.

Your feedback on a possible reintroduction would be appreciated.  Should we keep the thin rulings? Add a grid version? Do other colors besides tan and black? Stick to leather, or do more of a “soft touch” cover?

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  1. Pocket size with 29 lines AND 90g white paper? Sounds like heaven! One question though: what sort of binding do these have and do they lay flat when open? While I absolutely love Habana pocket notebooks, I am intrigued by the Journey book as described.

  2. i would love a large journey book with 29 rule to a page! and yes, a second version with a thin light grid. i’m not too particular about the cover material. is there a blank margin? (i prefer full rulings even if i don’t write there).

  3. Yes, Yes! I bought 6 on close out, right now I don’t remember the vendor. I really like and prefer the narrow ruling, I wished I had bought more!

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