Free For All Friday Feb 6

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Hi everybody! Every now and then I like to do a Free For All Friday to check in on how you’re doing and see if you have any questions, for me or for the wider Quo Vadis community.

So now that we’re more than a month into the year, how is your planner system working for you? Have you made any tweaks, or has it been smooth sailing the whole month?

Which planner(s) and notebook(s) are you using now?

Do you have any questions or need some advice on using your planner and/ or notebook more effectively?

As always on Free For All Friday, feel free to post a comment about anything planner or notebook related!

Happy Friday everyone!

13 thoughts on “Free For All Friday Feb 6

  1. I just ordered three of your large Habana notebooks. I was using a Rhodia premium pad for bullet journaling, and personal thoughts at the end of the day, lastly for my PTSD for my two tours to Afghanistan. I couldn’t write on both sides with out ripping out pages. The clairefontaine paper was amazing for all my fountain pens. So I went to fountain pen network, gourmet pens, and Goulet pens blogs and read which notebooks were highest rated with clairefotaine paper. I was really glad to hear it was a notebook made in the US. I really enjoy the look and quality of this notebook, great job! I will be sure to recommend your company to everyone I can.

    • Thanks so much David, I’m so glad you are pleased with your notebooks! I hope they add enjoyment to your journaling and healing process. (And I want to add a personal thank you to you for your service in Afghanistan.)

  2. This second semester of grad school is a lot. My Principal is standing up to its use, but when I look at all the things I have to do/ have done in a week, my mind gets overwhelmed, so much so that I’ve been looking at what other planners to switch to next year. I had my mind on the Septanote, but I’ve been looking at other non-QV planners too, adding to the overwhelm.

    I want something with structure and robustness, but not so much that my brain starts shutting down when reviewing the week.

    • I highly recommend the Septanote for grad school. The timed daily columns give you the big-picture overview and help you see when you have gaps in your schedule to get things done. The categorized lists let you get everything down on the page so you can see what you need to do and when you have time to do it. And the daily notes boxes are the perfect landing place for those random things you don’t want to forget. I used a Septanote when I was working full time, taking graduate classes and going through the Peace Corps application process in addition to everything else I had going on, and it worked brilliantly.

  3. Thanks for those recommendations, I’ll make a note of them for next year. I like the planner a lot, great paper and really nicely “built”!

    • Hi von, it will be discussed at the meeting in June. The printing for the 2016 editions is already set, so the earliest it would happen, if it does, is for the 2017 editions.

  4. I just started using an Executive (I think – square, 16cmx16cm) this year, replacing my Filofax A5. I love the vertical format. I’d prefer an A5 size though, but was struggling to work out which size is closest. And I’d like a refillable style if possible. What would you recommend?

    • Hi Catherine, you have a couple of options:

      The Minister weekly planner has the exact same format as the Executive, but is slightly larger than A5 at 6 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches.

      The Visual has a very similar vertical weekly format (although with a little less space on the weekly spread for lists and notes), but the Visual also has monthly grid calendars which the Minister and Executive do not have. The Visual is almost exactly A5 size (6 by 8 1/4 inches) which is slightly smaller than the Minister.

      Both are refillable. I hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hey Laurie:

    I’m on my second year with a Note 27. This style works better for me than a monthly calendar format, which I find too restricting. I like the simple lined right-hand page for notes, commentary, or just random journaling. I don’t care how large my planner is; it lives in the backpack that goes back and forth with me from work to home.

    As to notebooks, it’s a variety. I use everything from Clairefontaine to Rhodia to Muji to Moleskine. Some Japanese types like Apica, Maruman, Campus/Koyuko, and Mnemosyne (sp?). Stuff from Staples. I like to mix it up.

    • Ah the Note 27 is a good one, plenty of room for unrestricted writing.

      I hadn’t heard of some of those Japanese brands before, I’ll have to check those out!

  6. Which journal would people recommend to use as a Travel Journal. I’m going on an epic trip this summer and I want to try and record thoughts and things we see during the seven weeks.
    I think this will be one of the highlights of 2015 to look back on for us.

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