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Clairefontaine notebooks

A photo of just some of my Clairefontaine notebooks! From the Exaclair Planners And Notebooks group on Flickr


Did you know there is an Exaclair Planners and Notebooks group on Flickr? Well you know now! Head on over (click here) to see how people use their planners and notebooks. We’ve got some great photos from Exaclair users around the world!

We’ve got photos of Quo Vadis planners (from several different countries), and lots of different notebooks: Habana, Rhodia and Clairefontaine. There are ink tests, art, planner usage photos (my favorite!) and more.

Add your photos to the group to show us how you use your Exaclair planner and/ or notebooks too! I want to turn the group into a place where Exaclair users can share how they use their planners and notebooks, generate ideas and talk to each other.

Everyone loves to see how people use their planners and notebooks, to get ideas on how they can more effectively or more creatively use their own. So please add your photos, and welcome to the group!

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