Customer request: 5 minute scheduling

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Quarter weekly planner


Recently we received a request from a customer for a planner with 5-minute intervals. The closest match is the Quarter weekly planner (pictured above, click on the image for a larger view) with 15 minute intervals.

The request made me wonder why someone would need such to-the-minute scheduling. Karen had the good ideas that maybe it’s for breaking down project steps, or billing by short time intervals.

My first thoughts were what a planner would look like with 5 minute intervals. That would be a lot of lines per day, and in order to make the line spacing sufficient for legible handwriting the page would have to be very large.

Would you be interested in a planner with 5 minute intervals? What would you use it for?


4 thoughts on “Customer request: 5 minute scheduling

  1. I used to have record my work in 15 min intervals when working for an accounting firm.

    What really gets me about all these planners is why they think that Sunday (and with some Saturday) needs less space? I’m often busier at the weekend – or perhaps have more to record as smaller projects / tasks are done.

  2. 6-minute intervals would be more useful, as times is often billed to clients in 1/10 hour increments. Lots of Daytimer planners are designed to facilitate this function, via ruling and columns to denote client/project/hours/tenths. So you can note that you worked on X for the client for 2 hours and 4 tenths (2 hrs, 24 minutes). I honestly really wish I’d had known about planners like this when I worked in environments where I tracked or billed my time, it would have made life much easier! Not sure what I’d do with 5 minute increments though.

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