Archival tape or adhesives?

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Old Scrapbook Page

To continue the archival theme from yesterday’s post, something I still haven’t figured out is an archival-quality way to stick things into my journal.

I like to stick in business cards from restaurants where we ate, ticket stubs, and other small papers but I’m guessing normal clear tape probably isn’t the best method. I know it cracks when it gets old.

I don’t use glue stick or any other adhesives because I’m afraid of it coming through the page over time and ruining the writing on the opposite side.

Surely there are adhesives or tapes that are designed to be used in archival books? Can anyone recommend any for me? Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Archival tape or adhesives?

  1. I have had great success with Scotch Acid-Free restickable glue stick. I started using it three years ago and it not only has held well but also allowed me to move to new journals. It works quite well.

  2. Brodart is another library/archival source, another option might be something like this, though I am not personally familiar with the product and the more I think about it, like Dustin’s suggestion better.

    In our travel scrapbooks we affixed items with photo corners. In my daily log books I use a variety of glue sticks, tape, whatever is at hand. That’s ok because I don’t expect them to last forever.

    Ephemeral keepsakes I store not within my journals but in a separate box .. (such as

  3. There are all kinds of archival tapes on sites that serve the museum and library market, such as, like this Mono removable adhesive tape: Book tapes are acid-free and permanent, or there are things like gummed linen tape that are used for temporary mounting.

    For matting my own photography, I just use scrapbooking tape from Michael’s, which is acid-free and long-lasting.

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