Writing Wednesday: Tracking

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A planner is a very handy place to track things like diet, exercise, medications, symptoms, expenses, even how quickly you’re getting through your reading list.

Many people use their daily planner as the landing place for all things trackable. It’s easy to jot things down when you have your planner with you all the time. Recording things as they happen is the best way to make sure it gets recorded at all.

Other people prefer to use a designated planner or notebook to track and record, because it’s easier to see in a purpose-specific book where it won’t get obscured by your other daily details. Especially if you need to track patterns, it might be easier to use a separate book. You’ll just need to make sure the book is handy to use, and that you use it often enough.

Different types of planners are good for different types of tracking. Day per page planners are great for logging lots of details. Monthly planners are good for broad overviews, seeing patterns, or tracking projects.

Several years ago I used a Monthly 4 planner to help me prepare for an international move. It was great for counting down to moving day and the timing of preparations like packout, address changes, medical records transfer and travel arrangements.

This year I’m using my daily book as a journal too, and I don’t necessarily want to look back years from now and see what I ate for lunch or what my medical symptoms were. So I bought myself a cute little Miniday diary (shown in the photo at the top of this post) to log these types of things. It’s tiny so I can take it with me everywhere, which increases the likelihood I’ll actually bother to write my food diary!

The Journal 21 planner has monthly columns, month per page grid calendars and daily pages, which makes it extra useful for tracking. I like how Gini used hers to track medical symptoms, medications, weather, and nature observations.

How do you use your planner(s) for tracking? And what types of things do you track?



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