Writing Wednesday: Tolstoy’s diaries

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Many thanks to my friend Nancy to for sending me this article about Tolstoy’s diaries. What’s most fascinating to me is how he used his diaries to record and critically evaluate yesterday and plan for the following day, but the current day, today, was never represented.

This is such a contrast to today’s social media that allows near-constant current updates. Everything is represented as happening right now on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The result technically can leave a historical record, but it’s difficult to sift through entries to find past information or images. It’s more about the now, what is currently happening. Old entries fall off the cliff as new ones constantly come in.

The idea of no present ironically held Tolstoy in a sort of perpetual introspection. I wonder if our opposite state of frequently stating the present creates the opposite effect, of reporting without introspection.

The article is long but definitely worth the read. What did you think of it?

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