Writing Wednesday: Artists’ diaries exhibit at Smithsonian

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Over the weekend I was catching up on my blogs reading and noticed this post from Notebook Stories about the artists’ diaries exhibit on now at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art in Washington, DC.  Nifty was able to go to the exhibit and snapped some photos. The diaries look fascinating and I would love to see the exhibit!

The website has a selection of images of the diary pages. I love seeing the variety of types of diaries used. Some are dated diaries, some are undated notebooks, and there are even some looseleaf pages. The diaries offer first-hand accounts of some very important events in American history like Lincoln’s assassination, the Civil War, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement. There are also descriptions of other world events, travel, poetry and day to day life.

What surprised me the most about these diaries is many of the pages consist of just writing. I expected artists’ diaries to be full of sketches, collage and other types of art. The straight documentation in many of these pages make me wonder if even artists need to step away from their profession every now and then?

If you are lucky enough to get to see this exhibit, please comment here and tell us all about it! It’s on until February 28, 2015.


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