What should the icons be in the list boxes?

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Back in October I featured the list boxes that are in some of the Quo Vadis weekly planners and discussed different ways to use them. My question today is, what should the icons be?

Currently the boxes are labeled with little icons indicating what types of lists or notes you should put in each box. It’s a nice way to give you a quick landing place for things you need to jot down quickly, and it organizes everything as you write it.

The icons are a little phone to indicate phone calls you need to make or notes from phone calls; an @ symbol for things you need to do at the computer or emails to send; a $ to indicate bills to pay or payments received; a notepad for notes, and a pencil to remind you of things to write.

I’m wondering if these icons are the best things to go in those spaces, or if some icons should be different. Or should we do away with the icons entirely and just use numbers, or an empty box so you can designate the spaces according to your needs?

What are your suggestions for the icons in the list boxes?



5 thoughts on “What should the icons be in the list boxes?

  1. I’m replying to an earlier conversation, but I’ll agree with the previous comments that blank boxes would be very helpful. Admittedly, I alternate between needing structure and flexibility throughout the year and blank boxes would allow for that. Sometimes I need to organize my weekly tasks by activity, by priority, or even between work/personal/family. In the times when labeled boxes don’t work, I often find myself using another sheet of paper or abandoning the planner altogether. I’d love to see a more generic layout – perhaps one large, unlined box labeled “This Week” to accommodate a wider range of needs?

  2. I think no icons/empty boxes would be a good idea because that way if someone has a specific icon they want to put in they could, but it also works for those who colour code their to-do lists, etc. – they could colour the boxes in with the colour they have chosen to use for whatever purpose, and it would be totally customizable for the user.

  3. For myself I’d probably want something more generic. For example, I almost never make/receive phone calls, either for work or for personal business. I’d probably pick symbols such as an exclamation mark, a lightbulb, a star. Maybe a flag or a thumbs up? Or maybe in just one box have a column of check boxes?

    For people who wanted to use these to remember phone calls or emails or bills or whatever, it would still work. But for example one week I’d be able to use each box to keep track of each of my different projects that I currently have ongoing. Maybe another week one box could be for a shopping list, another to track my step count/workout routine, a third to log the baby’s sleeping/feeding schedule. And so on – the possibilities are endless!

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