Using planners for non-planning purposes

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I love looking around online at different ways people use their planners. There are loads of ways to use a planner besides for planning. Some people use a planner as their creative outlet, others as a permanent record. The dated format of a planner encourages you to use it daily, which helps to establish habits. Here are some non-planning ways to use a planner:

Sketch per day: There are some pretty spectacular pictures online of people’s daily drawings, usually in day per page diaries. Also I’ve seen people use weekly planners if they want to reduce the pressure of producing something every day.

Scrapbooking: It seems more and more people are using a planner as a type of a scrapbook by sticking in tickets, photos, washi tape designs, etc.

Journal: I like to use a day per page planner as my daily journal, because the dated page encourages me to write something each day. This got me back into the journaling habit after being out of it for several years. I love the record it creates.

Work records: I still love the post from several years ago where Diane B showed how she uses her planner to log her work activities each day.

Tracking: Recently I did a post on using a planner to track exercise, medicines, weather, wildlife etc. A planner is a great place to track patterns because the dated pages make it easy to find information.

What other ways do you use, or have you seen people use their planner for non-planning purposes?

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  1. Timelines for plotting purposes. As I revise, I’m amazed how I confuse myself as to how long events take or when. Obviously starving authors can’t afford to buy new ones for this, but even ball parking a time line makes a huge difference in keeping our plots coherent and tucking in those loose ends.

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