Time management Monday: Where is your planner?

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One of the most important parts of using a planner effectively is to have it out someplace where you will see it and refer to it often. That’s easy enough when you are sitting in one spot most of the day. But it’s all too easy to forget your planner in your bag, or on your desk when you are away from your desk. As my sister wisely says, “A closed planner is a dead planner.” It only works if you look at it.

I have to keep my planner open in a visible location so I can refer to it throughout the day. It’s easy to look at it when it’s next to me while I’m working, but later that evening I’m likely to forget to refer to it and may miss something like sending that check with my daughter to Brownies or putting out the trash for pickup the next morning.

I’ve solved the later-in-the-day issue by keeping my planner open on a book stand on my kitchen counter. I spend a significant amount of my evening time in the kitchen cooking, eating, and cleaning up. And it’s a location where I know the entire family will be that evening so I can talk to them about things that affect their schedule too. I can easily grab my planner during mealtimes to write in things as they come up.

Where do you keep your planner so it’s visible and handy?

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  1. Years ago, I bought one of those acrylic planner stands from Franklin Covey. It lives on my desk and as soon as I arrive in the office each morning, the planner is opened and thereupon plopped. It’s a bit to my left as I face the computer…not in my way but close enough to read and pitched at the perfect angle.

    On days off at home, it stays open on my kitchen counter as I go about my day, or relocates to the dining room table if I’m making the kitchen messy. 😉

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