Time Management Monday: Back to reality

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Today is the day most people are back to work and/ or school after the holidays. It’s always a bit of a post-vacation downer to get back into the swing of daily routines and work, but here’s how to ease the transition.

First, you can either thank or curse your past self: if you tied up loose ends before leaving for the holidays, your transition back to work will be much easier. If you didn’t, that’s your starting point. Take a look at outstanding tasks.

Next, make a plan. Don’t spend ages on this or make it a method of procrastinating your “real” work, but taking some time now to map out your game plan will give you direction and help you feel in control.

When you’re ready for action, start small. Do a relatively easy task or project to get you warmed up and back into the work mindset. A small accomplishment will make you feel good and get you ready to move on to the bigger tasks.

Finally, a positive attitude always helps! Yes the holidays are over, but practice some gratitude over your daily situation. Instead of thinking of work/ school as a drag, be grateful you are gainfully employed or on your way to your new career. Specifically look for people in your environment who you like and have a positive attitude. Keep your chin up, a smile on your face, and move forward.

What are your favorite tips for getting back into the swing of your daily routine after vacation?

4 thoughts on “Time Management Monday: Back to reality

  1. I’m very glad that I had a good tidy up before having some extra time off after Christmas. I found it a great way to start the year & had left myself clear notes on any work that I didn’t manage to finish off. I plan to be better at this every Friday now 🙂

  2. I like to do a mind download into my planner. Get all the bits and pieces I’ve been turning over in my mind for the previous few weeks onto paper. Once I do that, then I can begin sifting the wheat from the chaff as it were. Any good or actionable ideas then get transferred to my master list.

    I pull items off my master list for action when I’m doing my weekly planning. Then every few months, I’ll review my master list and see if there are any topics that just aren’t relevant any longer and if so, I cross them off.

    So far, over the last decade or so, this method has been helping me get going again after vacations or long holidays.

  3. Well, I just wrote down the highlights on my holidays (some leather work and color pencil drawings) on my agenda. “To not to forget”, I mentioned.

    And I’ve listed all the things to do at work.

    This is the 1st time I do such a thing, feeling the need not to forget what has been good these last few days.
    So, for depressing days, I have something good to read at.

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