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I am very excited to review these Quo Vadis Time and Life planners! They tick a lot of boxes: all seven days have full-size columns, there are month grid calendars and pull-out anno-planning calendars. There are repositionable notes pages, covers with pockets, and great portable sizes. This post is longer than Quo Vadis blog posts usually are, and it’s very photo heavy so I can show you the great features of these planners.

These planners are in English but are actually made for the Japanese market. They have holidays for the US, UK, France and Japan printed in the day spaces. Even things like Daylight Savings Time for the US and European Summer Time are noted on the days, which is very handy.

The Time and Life planners are currently available in France, Germany and Japan. Quo Vadis sent these to me to ask if I thought the US market would be interested in them, and my immediate reply was definitely yes! Take a look and see if you would like these to be available to you. Currently you can order these from the Quo Vadis UK website, but they take longer to ship.

(First of all let me apologize that the photo quality isn’t the best. It’s hard to get good light this time of year at 57 degrees north. But you’ll be able to see the features okay. You can click on the photos for a larger view.)

The cover material is soft and leather-like, and feels very nice. The purple planner is the Pocket size, 10 by 15 cm (4 by 6 inches). The red one is the Medium size which is 16 cm square (6 1/4 inches). They are both very portable and handy to carry everywhere. I have to confess I love these planners and I moved into the Medium red one immediately. Then my daughter spotted them and claimed the purple one for herself! They are very appealing.

both planners


Inside the front cover there are a couple of slots for cards, and the cover creates a pocket which is a handy place to put papers.

Inside cover


There is a fold-out Anno-planner for the current and following year. This fold-out page is attached to the rings with tabs, so it is repositionable if you would like to move it to a different location in the planner.

Anno planners


Next are several repositionable notes pages, so you can move them to different locations in the book or remove them neatly when they are no longer relevant. I’m using a two-page spread for each month for things to do that month and to track expenses. There are plenty of pages with some left over too.

repositionable notes pages


Next is a page with some information about the Time and Life planners. They are designed to incorporate all aspects of your life into one planner: work, family and self. I think these planners do a great job of keeping it all together!

work family and self


There are two Timetable pages so you can keep track of everyone’s weekly schedules at a glance.



The monthly grid calendars have holidays in the day spaces which is very helpful. Monthly calendars are some of the most-requested features in Quo Vadis planners and it’s great to have them in this planner!

month grid calendars


The weekly spread has an excellent, efficient layout. All seven days have full size columns, so the weekends have just as much space as the weekdays. This is great for those of us who are just as busy, or busier, on the weekends!

weekly spread no placemarker

I love how the dates are nice and big at the top of the page, making it easy to find days as you flip through the pages. Something I’ve noticed that I really like: the date color is blue until the Vernal Equinox, then green until Summer Solstice, then red until the Autumnal equinox, then orange until the Winter Solstice when it goes back to blue again. I love the color designations for the seasons/ quarters, and the changing colors also help find the date you’re looking for quickly.

left page week

At the top of each day’s column is a box for priorities that day. The daily column is timed from 7 am to 10 pm! Another frequent request we get is for extended times so that is a great feature. There is room above and below the timed space if you need earlier or later appointment times too.

right page weekAt the bottom of each column is an open space for notes or reminders. You can use it any way you like. At the right of the page is a column with designated list boxes with icons for phone calls, emails, meetings and children’s activities. These boxes are flexible and can also be used any way you like.

Below is the weekly layout in the smaller Pocket size, which is compact but still easy to write in.

weekly spread pocketThe paper is spectacular, as you would expect from Quo Vadis. It is pure white, super smooth and has no bleed through and practically no shadowing even with my wet gel pens, so my writing is not at all obscured when writing on both sides of the pages.

The Medium size planner came with a repositionable page marker that doubles as a ruler.

repositionable page marker

Here you can see it in the planner. There are also tear-off corner tabs to mark the current week.

week spread


Other features include reference calendars:

reference calendars


And full-color maps of all the continents including an excellent time zones map!maps

There are also reference pages with international holidays, telephone codes, conversions etc.

Inside the back of the book is a reference booklet with themed tabs for Health, Children, Administration and Services, Going out and Body Care.

themed reference booklet

The booklet also has A to Z tabs.

A to Z tabs

The Medium size is currently available via Quo Vadis UK (click here for link) for worldwide shipping.

Here is a short video by Quo Vadis showing the French version and how it’s used.

Personally I think this would be a wonderful addition to the Quo Vadis US lineup. There is a French version (sold out for this year) in a larger size (16 by 24 cm, 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches) that I would like to see added too.

Would you be interested in these planners? If so, which size: Pocket (4 by 6 inches), Medium (6 1/4 by 6 1/4 inches), or Large (6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches)?

Thanks for your input everyone!

29 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Time and Life planners

  1. This is awesome! Can’t wait for these planners to be released in the US. Will they be sold through Amazon? That is where I would do most of my planner purchases. I would definitely be interested in this planner. Either size would work for me. I could use the pocket in conjunction with a notor for daily tracking, or the medium with a Journal 21 for daily tracking/notes/logging. How does the cover go around the spiral binding? I am not super thrilled about the spiral binding, but can live with it. The monthly planning pages are an absolute must and I am so glad that they will be included. How soon with these planners be available? Love all the features – the weekly timetables for my children’s school activities, the weekly layout, the monthly pages, and the movable notes pages! Is the booklet removable so it can be used as a filing reference? I love this planner!

  2. This is exactly what I want. The larger one looks like it could be well placed to take some business from the EC Life Planner aficionados (and there is a huge community of them).

    Super disappointing that they’re not available in Canada yet.

  3. I would be interested in the large size. Lots of nice features. In general, Quo Vadis needs to do more advertising. Availability in stores should be increased also. Their products are top quality!

    • I second that! Please make them available through Staples and Office Depot. Many corporations have agreements with the large chains (Staples and Office Depot) and purchase diaries/planners for their employees through these chains thus increasing the exposure and potential clientele for Quo Vadis products!

  4. oh WOW. Yes to the medium size even though it isn’t my A5! so many things about this are perfect (every day same size, monthly & anno, a page marker, and even some reposition-able pages, i do like the spiral-lay-flat). It would have me abandoning my current DIY system because it is good enough and I’d live without some of my customizations.

    please don’t change too many things to make it american-market friendly. i like it as is.

    now to figure out if the shipping is budget friendly so I could order one now as I’ve not printed my DIY system past February yet.

    (oh and no need for a pink cover, purple/black/grey are all brilliant colours)

  5. I would definitely purchase this planner in the large size. The monthly grid calendars are a must, and the QV paper quality makes using their planners a daily pleasure. I’m in the US and would be thrilled to see the Time and Life available here:)

  6. This planner is VERY intriguing despite it being spiral-bound. You mention that the paper is super-smooth, etc., but do you have any specifics as to its weight? 64g? 85? 90?

  7. I would buy that for next year right now if I could in the Medium Size in purple. That’s my ideal layout! I’ve been wishing for QV to come out with a weekly vertical that had months too!!!!! Please have this for US next year!

  8. Out of all the planners I’ve seen, this seems to come closest to all my wants and needs (other than making my own which I currently do) without being overkill. I WANT THIS! I think I may have to order from the UK even though the price with shipping will likely be over-the-top and the shipping time will take over a month. Thanks for sharing. They need to bring this to the US!

  9. I would buy the medium size. Current offerings for weekly planners tend either to be too small spaces for writing or too large to easily carry. This looks awesome.

  10. dont care for the spiral..lefthanded
    too busy,too much detail

    Septenote has essentially the same cover, is American made, available locally..less shipping lane ozone…academic calendar..Super product.

    Buy American..jobs depend on it..love the French paper quality..assembled in US..in my home town!!!

    Local matters!

  11. Wow. I love this layout. However I’ve spent my planner budget for 2015. It will go on my list for 2016 and that’s for sure.

  12. Large, for sure. Why is the US always the last to get the useful formats? While I’m not crazy about the wire bound, otherwise this is the format we’ve all been begging for.

  13. I’m using the Time and Life Agenda medium for the last 5 years.I order my planner from Quo Vadis UK and it’s always in French. I find the format perfect for a busy mom as I am, but it does not contain the monthly view and the reference calendars that you show above .Maybe they put it only in the Japanese planners.I’ll be very happy to find it in English next year .Please tell them to include the monthly pages ! Thank you!

    • Maria thank you for letting us know the French version does not have the monthly calendars. Sounds like everyone would prefer the monthly calendars in!

  14. Normally I don’t like spiral-bound planners, but the cover looks really nice and like it would protect the notebook if it were bouncing around in my purse with all the other junk I haul around. Love the page layouts and the way you can reposition things!

  15. I am definitely interested. Love Quo Vadis planners but I must have a monthly grid calendars.

    Edit: I would need the Large size.

  16. This set-up sounds thorough. I’d go for large because if I have to write too small, I can’t focus on what needs to get done as easily. But I’d go with a medium if I had too. Does it have international time zones? I have family around the world and it would be nice to know how many hours ahead they are before calling. What do they cost in the US?

    • Bobbi these are not currently available in the US, but you can order them from the UK through the links in the post above. The end price will depend on what shipping costs to your location, so you can check with the Quo Vadis website to see what your resulting cost would be. And yes it does have international time zones, a very handy feature!

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