Quo Vadis Sales UP!

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The end of 2014 saw Quo Vadis planner sales up 13%!

We attribute this to hard work and persistent effort by staff, great retailers, our wonderful bloggers, and very loyal fans.  Thank you all.

This year’s growth includes people new to Quo Vadis who heard about us from a friend or family member; as well as former users who have concluded that you don’t need to be just analog or digital. There’s room for both in your life.

Again, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your support.


3 thoughts on “Quo Vadis Sales UP!

  1. That is great news! Do you have any updates as to how well your Habana notebooks are selling? They’re absolutely wonderful notebooks….

  2. Yay! Congratulations! Thank you for the open communication, the websites being up-to-date, and mostly just making great products. My first QV was an Academic Minister, and I wondered where it had been all my life. I love the varying layouts, and the openness to change, efficiency, discussion and the overall classiness of the brand. Merci.

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