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Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to planner purchasing, which is why there are so many options: type of planner, where and how to buy, and of course price. What are your priorities when purchasing a planner?

Location: Some people are fine with buying whatever is available at their local shop. Some people only shop locally, and we’ve talked before about how important it is to do so if you are able. But many people, including myself, do not find what they need at their local shop and look online for planners. Do you shop locally or online?

Format: Another factor in planner purchasing is the format, whether weekly or daily. Some formats have space for notes and lists, others are just for appointments. Do you seek out a specific format when looking for a planner?

Price: For some people price is the deciding factor, while others are willing to spend more on a higher quality product.

Timing: Another factor in planner purchasing is timing. Some people like to buy next year’s planner as soon as possible, to plan several months in advance. Other people don’t need to purchase their planner until just before the new year. Shopping location can influence purchase timing too: do you buy your planner when you see them in the stores? Or do you look for them online as early as possible?

Specific needs: Some people look for acid-free paper for better archiving. People who like to use fountain pens or other types of inks look for paper that is fountain-pen friendly. Others look for a planner for particular needs, whether for business or school.

Other values: Some people remain loyal to a particular brand of planner. Other people look for environmentally-friendly options. I think many people look for a planner they feel represents them in some way.

Which factors influence your planner purchasing? If you could prioritize the points above, which would be your top priorities and which are less influential? And what did I miss?

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  1. I’m seeing a trend in these posts. I hope QV is going to offer personalized planners! Here goes my list in order of priority:

    Format: monthly calendar on two pages (Sunday-Saturday) and a two-page spread for each week that goes like this: left page has horizontal spaces for each day of the week that are equally spaced (please don’t shrink my weekend spaces); days are listed Monday-Sunday (I know it’s weird to list weeks different from months, but my brain visualizes a month calendar S-S and my brain thinks of weeks in M-S), right page is blank so that I may make any notes I wish that pertain to that week, some note paper in the back

    Specific needs: bound; good paper (takes a stamp or fountain pen ink if that’s my fancy for the moment) that is either stark white, a white gray, or a beautiful light cream; very faint lines or grid on the paper (also, no bold ink anywhere else because I want the information I write to stand out); perforated sheets; a bookmark or tabs that tear off at the corner of the page; at least one pocket either on the inside of the cover or bound into the planner; undated; empty day squares (no separation by am or pm and no hours listed); an index either at the front or back of the book; numbered pages; nothing bigger than 8″h x 6″w; an attached elasticated band to keep the book closed and contents secure

    Other values: something attractive – options are nice when it comes to colors and cover designs, a stretchy but unobtrusive pen loop would be a nice addition but definitely not a deal breaker

    Price: nothing too crazy, although I would pay more to get exactly what I want

    Timing: I’m okay with purchasing my planner at any time of the year

    Location: I prefer to buy locally but live in a small, semi-remote town, so I’m totally okay with buying online to get what I want

  2. I love the title alliteration. 😀

    Location is very important to me. I finally live in a big city which has a store that sells QV products, but the parking there is atrocious. Not that it’s QV’s fault, of course. 😛 I just have to motivate myself to visit that store.

    Price is, too. I’m on a grad student budget, so I can’t continually buy planners if they don’t work for me. There has been a rise in the costs of the classic, big-company planners (really, your cheap wire-o planner is 35 dollars?) and scrapbook-inspired planners (50 dollars? That planner better do more than just keep my appointments). I love that QV products are worth their price : not ridiculously expensive, but not dirt cheap. I am paying for good paper and binding, after all.

    I also love a variety of formats, but not so much that I’m standing there like a deer in headlights (a certain huge planner business comes to mind).

    Most of all, timing is key. I like viewing and buying my planners ASAP. If I have to wait months and months, forget it. I’ve seen this problem with the funding-backed planners, and some other brands as well.

  3. Size and format are equally important and price is a bigger factor than years past as my budget for everything shrinks. (I’d happily buy a refill and make my own fancy cover if I had to, for example.)

    I’d love to buy local, but many of the shops I used to buy from have closed over the years so my options are limited despite my close proximity to a large city. Online I try to buy either direct from the planner/notebook manufacturer (they tend to have better stock availability) or a not-local-to-me store that fulfills online orders before I turn to the bigger sellers.

    Timing is tricky as it depends on what I was using the year prior. I like to not have to stress about finding it, so earlier is better, but I don’t like having a new planner sitting unused (because it doesn’t start yet) for more than a few weeks. I really like overlap, so a new planner that I can begin to use in early in December helps me for January much better than the planner starting that last week.

  4. Great to be able to look and buy locally rather than on-line
    Price is less important to me.
    Format is important to me more so than size, if the format is right I will buy it and the size is secondary.

  5. Availability!! After using the same layout for 20 years,even though the product is still listed, it has been on back order since last year. (Filofax)

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