Changing Over To a New Planner

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I switched from Sapa X to Biweek for 2015.

The Sapa X has served me well for several years. It is a handy pocket size with open space for notes. It’s great for jotting reminders, events, birthdays and other special dates.

This year I have a lot of major research and writing projects to juggle, so I switched over to a format with expanded view for planning blocks of time. Biweek, my new pocket format, shows a two-week view, which so far is more useful to me in allocating and balancing chunks of work.

This format doesn’t include appointment times, which I don’t need, but offers four lines to write down whatever is important to me that day.

I have used a weekly layout for many years, so moving from a one-week focus is an adjustment. That being said, I appreciate the Biweek’s necessity of whittling down down to-dos to the essentials.  That helps me keep the work focus.

Did you move to a new planner format this year?  If so, why?


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