Writing Wednesday: The future of paper planners, revisited.

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The Wizard

Here’s a topic we covered a couple of years ago: the future of paper planners. At that time, the outcome seemed dire. Borders had recently closed, and with it the opportunity for many people to handle planners in real life before purchasing. Moleskine’s IPO was imminent, prompting some to think their bubble had expanded to capacity and was due to contract. And electronic gadgetry was on the rise, causing some to predict the end was nigh for paper planners.

Now we have the luxury of hindsight over the past two years, and I am very happy to report that paper planners are still alive and well. It is true that some brands continue to reduce their planner selections, and some have shut their brick and mortar shops entirely. For example in the post from two years ago, Patty commented that she still had a Franklin Covey store in her town. That store has since shut. And as it turns out, Moleskine has reduced their planner selection for three years in a row now.

Happily, Quo Vadis planners are still going strong. Some types of planners are not as popular as they once were, and yes sometimes we do have to discontinue planners due to lack of sales. But the favorites are still selling well and if I could look into a crystal ball I would predict a healthy future for them. I think there are a lot of people who appreciate paper planners even more now that screens are ubiquitous. The tactile nature of a book that doesn’t beep at you never loses its appeal.

The types of planners offered in the future may change: smaller selections and more personalization are possibilities.

What do you think will be the future of paper planners?

5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: The future of paper planners, revisited.

  1. I prefer paper planners … and if you’re smart, you’ll know that there will always be a market for them … and the importance of writing on paper should always be emphasized and promoted. When you write something down, you’re personally involved with it and tend to think more about it … as opposed to typing it into a computer which can not only be forgotten … but God forbid if there’s a power failure or the internet goes down.

    I had my first exposure to quo vadis today …. found you by googling “calendar datebooks made in the usa”. The following are my first impressions, also posted to your Facebook page.

    Hey folks … today was my first exposure to Quo Vadis planners, I love your prices, I especially love that this is made in the USA …. but the Quo Vadis website SUCKS … I didn’t even see a shopping cart attached for online ordering …. Thankfully, I was able to talk to Andrew at Hinkson’s to order one by phone … but if you guys want to play with the big boys … you need to get your act together.

  2. I second Elena on the speed aspect of a paper planer. I have to confess that I stop using them when I put my hand on an electronic device. For years. But… I’m back on paper. The object is nice, it gives you a “style”, and I have the feeling that if I write it down ON PAPER, I will remember it when this is not true with electronic devices.
    I’m a fountain pen user,too, so the paper quality is important. QV never failed on that issue.
    If I may suggest something, or ask : I don’t understand the reason of having these temperature charts and other (useless to my opinion) info. I have internet for that. And the phone book, I have my cell phone for that. I mean, I don’t use these pages and feel unconfortable having useless pages. The phone book could be optional for those who need it (and transfert it from one year to the other). If I remember correctly, it was the case with my older agendas. A removable phone book.
    Other than that, I’m truly and fully satisfied with my planner and hope the future will shine bright on QV paper agendas!

  3. I hope paper planners are going to last forever, because my memory and my way of planning are not very compatible with the digital world.
    To me, a ring-bound planner was a very pleasant discovery, because it offers flexibility: I can customize the number of sections and name them according to my needs, and I can also choose in what sequence to put them in the binder.
    For professional use, though, I’ve always had a Quo Vadis planner (my first boss was a strong advocate of paper planners, and he gifted one of your beautiful planners to each one of us every year- and that’s how I came to know you. In his opinion, it looked “more professional”; I believed him and kept the tradition).
    Moreover, I have two ‘incompatibilities’ with the digital world:
    -I prefer to use a phone to make phone calls and nothing more… plus, I can’t aesthetically appreciate it as a beautiful object, don’t know why
    -I find it very complicated to add reminders, appointments, and notes in electronic devices… plus the typos… too long.. paper is better for me, it’s easier to color code, easier to add sticky notes and flags…no need to turn it on… paper is fast 😉

    I wish you a prosperous 2015 and happy holidays to you all,

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