Writing Wednesday: Page size?

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My friends and I are constantly debating the merits of using notebooks and planners with smaller or larger pages.

Smaller pages mean a more portable book, which allows you to capture ideas and plans on the go. Everyone loves a book that doesn’t take up much room and is light and easy to carry.

But we generally agree that smaller pages feel limiting. I know several people who prefer a larger page size because they have noticed they are more creative on larger pages. With more space they find themselves opening up their ideas and spreading out their thoughts.

I need a large planner for my time blocking, and a large notebook for daily note-taking. When I try to move into smaller books, my productivity and creativity suffer.

Do you prefer smaller or larger pages for writing and planning? Why?

4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Page size?

  1. It would be easier if I could get by in a smaller size, ala Filofax Personal, or A6-ish. But I want both my personal and professional life all in one place, which necessitates an A5. A5’s are also more accommodating about inserting printouts, spreadsheets, etc.

    Until I can retire, I think I’m stuck in a larger size, but that’s fine. 🙂

  2. I prefer larger to smaller. My handwriting is medium, but small books make me feel like my penmanship is huge. I also found that larger books/planners give me more space for notes. In one class I’m taking, I found my note-taking greatly improved when I switched from a half-size notebook to a huge one.

  3. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned is that once you get past a certain age, it’s hard to read smaller print. Something you were easily able to read at 20 doesn’t work at 40, and only gets worse. My grandmother loved to do the NY Times Crossword puzzle, but she stopped doing them because the only ones large enough to read were super easy ones, like they excepted a child was doing them, and no hard ones. So there might not be a choice about size …

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