Writing Wednesday: Journaling resolutions

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Resolving to Write More - a Worthy Thought

A common New Year’s resolution is to keep a journal. It’s a great habit to get into, and can be helpful in all aspects of life.

First, decide what type of journal you want to keep. Do you want a daily account of your actions? Do you want to explore your thoughts and emotions? Do you want to track goals and brainstorm dreams? Do you want to keep a record of cute things your kids say and do? Or do you want an all-encompassing everything-journal? This post can help you decide what type of journal you want to keep.

Next, decide how you will record your journal. Will you only write? Will you do a sketch each day? Will you tape or glue in tickets, photos, and other mementos?

Then think about where and when you will do your journaling. Will you take your book with you everywhere and jot ideas and observations as they come to you? Or will you journal only at home?

With all of these things in mind, now you can decide what type of book you will use as your journal. You might prefer a smaller book if you will be carrying it with you everywhere. If you’ll only journal at home you may prefer a larger book. If you’ll mainly be writing, you may want lined pages. If you’ll be drawing in your book, plain pages may be more suitable.

Whatever style of journaling you choose, I hope you record lots of great things in your journal this year!

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