Writing Wednesday: Inks for lefties

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I’m not left handed, but my husband is so I’ve seen firsthand the challenges lefties have with inks that smear. My husband employs the over-hook style of leftie-writing, to prevent his hand going directly over what he’s just written. This gives his ink a little more drying time, but he still has to be careful with what type of ink he uses.

My pen of choice is the Uni-ball Signo RT, but it does have very wet ink that takes a long time to dry so I don’t recommend it for lefties. My husband often resorts to using ball point pens, which is not usually the nicest writing experience but better than smearage I suppose.

What’s your favorite fast-drying ink?

6 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Inks for lefties

  1. Leftie here. I like Pilot G2 in green and Frixion 07 for writing without smearing.

    I have learned to hold my pen so that I don’t smear, though, and now I have a Surface tablet that allows your hand to rest on the tablet while writing. I still can’t make my hand rest on it, because I’m too scared to smear! Ha ha!


  2. Like Becky, Iuse the Pilot Frixion and I’m not a “hook” writer. However, the paper is a few inches left of center, but still straight up and down. I’ve never really come across a pen I didn’t like, except the Pilot G2. Pencils and erasers, that’s a different story.

  3. I am a lefty who doesn’t hook. My new favorite pens are the Pilot Frixon. They are from Japan and erasable. I don’t get ink all over the side of my hand and they write smoothly. I like to use them in my planner since they are erasable. 🙂

  4. My father is a leftie and for my entire life (and even before that!), he’s written with a fountain pen. He does not use the over-hook technique. Instead, he holds the pen just the way right-handed folks do — but in his left hand!

  5. Like your husband, I’m an over-writer. I often use fountain pens but always have to watch out for the type of ink – as much as I love the colours, a lot of really saturated types like Noodler’s are the bane of my existence. Some of them seem to never dry anyway, and even in the finest nibbed pen, I end up smudging them all over the page and my hand.

    Like Ron, I’m a big fan of the Pentel EnerGel – I use the .5 needle point for my standard go-to work pen because it not only allows me to make small notes on forms that I work with, but also dries quickly and never smears for me. I actually buy the refills by the dozen…

    Also, like Ron says, I have a lot of problems with pens that use the roller-ball or ballpoint mechanism – they are designed to be pulled, not pushed, and there are always ink flow issues due to that. Frustrating, but at least now with the better availability of Japanese pens and more modern inks, there are a number of alternatives that don’t use quite the same mechanism and have a lot better flow, even for us lefties.

    But the one thing that really annoys/frustrates/disappoints me is every time I see someone’s beautiful flex nib pen writing/calligraphy, I KNOW I will never be able to do that simply because of the way lefties write. Those pens just don’t work right pushing them across the page. 🙁

  6. As a lefty myself, I find the Pentel EnerGel ink to dry surprisingly fast. And since it’s a roller ball pen, it lays the ink down very smoothly and effortlessly. I agree, the pushing motion on a ball point for lefties produces poor results, and an unpleasant writing experience.

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