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Today’s guest post comes from Steve Morton, also known as “Mr Philofaxy!”


Living with bound and ring bound planners.

For many years I have been a ‘ring bound’ planner person. I didn’t make a decision to only use ring bound planners, it just sort of happened. I love the flexibility offered by ring bound planners to add and subtract from the pages you are currently holding in the planner.

It does however come with its own limitations. By using a ring bound planner you are restricted to a certain extent about what size paper you can use. And the bigger in page size you go, whilst that gives you lots of page real estate, the portability of a large ring bound planner starts to become an issue for some people. Page for page a bound planner will always be smaller and lighter for a given number of pages.

Some people also have issues with the rings getting in the way when it comes to writing in a ring bound planner, although of course you can remove the page to write on it.

A couple of years ago I switched my journal from loose leaf pages in a ring bound planner to a lovely Quo Vadis Daily 21 A5 size bound planner. It is a page per day, printed on beautifully silky soft paper. Each day has an equal space including weekends. The amount of writing space is perfect for my notes of the day. I tend to ignore the hours in left hand side of the page, but they don’t intrude in to the writing space so I have a great lined space to use each day.

The Daily 21 is one of the European editions. USA has a similar offering, the Journal 21. The main difference being a slight difference in page size and that the Daily 21 is in six European languages, but English is the first in the list followed by French and as I live in France that suits me just fine!

The paper in the Quo Vadis planners is made with acid free paper and takes fountain pen ink nicely with no bleed through to the other side of the paper. So for a journal that I archive each year it is the perfect solution for me.

For my current and future planning needs on the move I still tend towards using a ring bound planner, something around the usual personal/compact size I can add or subtract just the pages I need to keep the size and the weight down. Quo Vadis now offer their own inserts in the USA as well. Previously I have bought them for friends in the US and posted them from here in France!

I find using a combination of ring bound and bound planners for different purposes gives me the best of both worlds. If you have only ever used one type before take a look at the other type.

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  1. Good to see your smiling face from another venue Steve. I use a bound planner also, a bit smaller, and for a bit different purpose. It is the Hobonichi from Japan. It is a A6 size, I use it as an EDC (every day carry) capture device. It has 450 pages of Tomoe River paper, and is a day per page, plus a lot of other calenders plus dot grid note paper. Anybody who follows Philofaxy knows my high regard for this beautiful paper. I have it in a beautiful leather cover from Gfeller Casemakers with interlocking pen loops. I am very pleased with it,and it is a real pleasure to use!

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