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We’ve had several emails recently asking where to buy Quo Vadis planners in the US and Canada. They are available at several brick-and-mortar stores, and online.

In the US you can find some editions at Barnes & Noble, smaller office supply and stationery stores, bookstores and art supply stores. Quo Vadis planners are not sold in office supply superstores like Office Max or Staples in the US. Click here for the Quo Vadis store finder to help you find a retailer near you.

There are several online retailers where you can order Quo Vadis planners in the US. Click here to see the entire list of US online retailers for Quo Vadis planners, notebooks and journals.

In Canada and Europe you can find Quo Vadis planners in Staples, Office Depot, Office Max and other stores. Click here and scroll down to see the retailers in Canada who sell Quo Vadis products.

You can also order directly from www.quovadiscanada.com and from www.quovadis-diaries.co.uk (which ships worldwide).

While we’re talking about retailers, I want to remind you: if you see a planner in a store and want to buy it, please buy it at that store. So many stores are going out of business because people find an item at their store but then purchase it online instead. Supporting your local shops allows them to continue to offer paper planners, and thus for you to browse and experience planners in real life before you buy them. If most people buy their planners online, soon we’ll only be able to buy them online.

I understand some people (myself for example) don’t have the opportunity to buy Quo Vadis planners locally, but if you do, please support your brick-and-mortar shop. Okay, public service announcement over!



10 thoughts on “Where to buy Quo Vadis planners

  1. So I listened, and stayed local. Paid $19.21 for a MONTHLY 4 planner…no markings anywhere to indicate that I was buying the calendar for 6/2015 through 12/2016. This is a rip off!!!!!

  2. I would love to buy a Quo Vadis diary from a bricks and mortar shop in London England.

    all the places I know that used to stock have now closed

    Anyone know of one?

  3. I have been using Quo Vadis for years, happens that I always go to Japan and able to purchase one. But this year, I wasn’t able to purchase one over retail stores. Wonder if they ship anything to Hong Kong, most of the sites doesn’t offer shipping to Hong Kong. Please help.

  4. Do you know where I can find the Quo Vadis Habana in the UAE, preferably Dubai?

    I bought mine off goulet pens and had it shipped here, but it was expensive to do that.


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