Time Management Monday: Year Review

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Now is a great time to look back through your year to see how you did. Did you accomplish your goals? Are some still ongoing? Did some become irrelevant?

Evaluating your year helps you know where you stand with your goals. When you know where you are now, you know what you need to do to get where you want to be. Evaluating 2014 is the first step to figuring out what your goals should be for 2015.

Things change during the course of a year. If you didn’t complete your goals, there could be several reasons why.

Goals that are still desirable but just didn’t get accomplished might have been pushed to the side for higher priority tasks. Hey, life gets in the way sometimes, but if there is something you want to accomplish you’ll have to make the time for it.

Sometimes things just take longer than expected. And often we find roadblocks along the way that delay us unexpectedly. What roadblocks did you experience on the way to your goals? How can you prevent them in the future?

Some goals might not be relevant anymore. Circumstances change, and interests wax and wane. If there is a goal on your list that is no longer relevant, feel free to delete it.

And for those goals you accomplished, congratulations! Celebrate! You deserve it.

How did you do in 2014?

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