Time Management Monday: Thank your past self

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There are lots of important but simple things you can do ahead of time to stave off a minor (or even not so minor) crisis. Do these and you’ll be thanking your past self for your preparations:

  • Make sure you have clean clothes appropriate for your needs tomorrow. Bonus points: set them out the night before.
  • Take a look at tomorrow’s forecast to see if you’ll need an umbrella, snow boots, etc.
  • Check you have ingredients you need to make lunches and/ or dinners. If not, do a grocery run.
  • Replace things before you run out like toilet paper, toothpaste, other personal care items and daily staples like bread and milk.
  • Make sure you have plenty of clean towels, and that your medicine cabinet is stocked with first aid and fever reducer medicines (in case you were wondering, yes I learned this one the hard way!).
  • Keep your car fueled up with at least a half tank at all times.
  • Here’s a big one: check your smoke and CO2 detectors each month and change the batteries annually.

What else can you do now to make your life easier later?

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