Time Management Monday: Daily intentions

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An excellent way to make sure you’re working your daily plan and accomplishing your goals is to have a checklist of daily intentions. I know it might seem silly to have a list of things you do every day. You do them every day, why should you need reminding?

A checklist of daily intentions holds you to your plan. This practice can help you make sure you are working your goal actions into your daily schedule. If you want to exercise, read more books or learn a new language, add it to your list of daily intentions and then hold yourself accountable by checking off what you’ve accomplished.

Routine tasks are also useful to have on a checklist. I have several friends who use checklists for their daily routine tasks. Patty wrote an excellent post last year on why it’s useful to check off routine tasks every day. I was convinced to try it.

I found having all my daily intentions and routine tasks on a checklist helped me plan my day because I was able to see time that was automatically allocated like walking the dog (1 hour), blogs, laundry (I have a tiny washing machine and no dryer so I have to do at least two loads every day just to keep up), etc. These are things that don’t necessarily have to do be done at a specific time of the day, but have to be done sometime every day.

Along with routines, I added things to my list I want to do every day that otherwise would be easy to let slide. I have so many books I want to read, so I added reading to my list of daily intentions to make sure I consider it a priority.

Checking off my daily chores and other goals like exercise and reading gives me a real feeling of accomplishment no matter what else I manage to get done that day. Using my list of daily intentions along with time blocking has really helped me puzzle together my hours and fit in everything I need to accomplish each day.

Do you use a checklist for daily intentions and/ or routines?

3 thoughts on “Time Management Monday: Daily intentions

  1. In my Space 24 Day Planner, I parse-out 5 tasks or To Dos per/day. I mark them out as I accomplish them, but if not; they’re carried over to the next day… Alleviates the stress of finishing ALL. Age & Wisdom, along w/ knowing my limits, helps!
    Best & Regards, LeRoy

  2. Sure do. With ADHD, it’s necessary to see EVERYTHING so I know how to plan. Otherwise, those dailies, believe it or not, may or may not cross my mind. I’ve gotten to 5:00 in the afternoon and suddenly realized I forgot to make dinner. Having the dailies on my list helps prevent that kind of silly mistake.

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