How important are monthly planning pages in your planner?

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A common request we receive from customers is to add monthly planning pages to planners that don’t have them. The weekly Hebdo, Space 24, Space 17 , Visual and daily Journal 21 planners have monthly calendars, but the other Quo Vadis planners do not.

Popularity of monthly planning calendars varies by region. They are very popular in the US and Japan, and much less so in Canada and Europe. This creates a dilemma for a multi-national company like Quo Vadis because it means different versions of planners might be needed for different regions.

Another issue with month calendars is the day the weeks begin. People in the US are used to month calendars having Sunday-start weeks, and can get thrown off by Monday-start weeks (which is the norm in the rest of the world).

How important are monthly planning pages in your planner? And do you prefer Sunday or Monday starting weeks?

23 thoughts on “How important are monthly planning pages in your planner?

  1. I VERY much prefer Monday start to the monthly calendars (also US based).

    Longtime Quo Vadis customer, and a happy user of your Going Places Planner since you first published it!

  2. I wonder what the space difference is for the weekend “shared” like the picture above or having the extra column of notes and giving each weekend day their “own” space. ???

  3. Monthly pages are absolutely necessary for me. I didn’t use to care whether Monday or Sunday start, but after using Visual for 5 years, I now require a Monday start.

    I cannot have Sat/Sun share a space. Not everyone works a Mon-Fri week, and even those who do, have to cram a lot into weekends.

  4. I currently use Space 17 for work. I’ve been using Notor for 2014 for personal stuff, but am switching to Hobonichi-Techno for 2015 simply because I need monthly pages and Notor doesn’t provide this.

    Journal 21 is too large for my tastes, and unfortunately the Daily Pocket was discontinued (besides the Habana version).

    I would definitely consider the Notor again if it has monthly pages.

  5. I use Monthly for all my appointment planning. Just so much easier to see a whole month at once rather than daily or weekly view. I also prefer the Monday start I like my weekends together.

  6. I am U.S. based. It doesn’t matter to me, what the start day is. I’ve used both layouts but prefer Monday starts so the weekend days are together. Do not like Saturdays and Sundays sharing a space. These days are just as important, and can be just as or even more busy than the work week. As for monthly pages,I’m with Party. Gotta have them for forward planning. Also tabs. Gotta have tabs.

  7. I am France based and use Exacompta WO2P. This year I have found at-a-glance weekly/monthly : now I know what will be the perfect planner for me!
    A month on two pages starting on monday, followed by week on two pages as timer 17 starting on monday, and so on for the year.

  8. I love the monthly pages to grab a quick look at the total month. I am U.S.-based but I love the Tri-fold with the Monday start day for the weekly pages

  9. All my past planners have had monthly views, with the exception of my current Principal. I would like a monthly view, but after going 4 months without one, I wonder if it would make any difference to my planning and productivity. *shrug*

  10. I was trying to figure out just why I preferred a Sunday start to the week because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for weekend planning. I really still can’t figure it out – I guess I’m just so used to seeing the month starting on Sunday that if it starts on Monday I just see weeks stacked on each other and fail to grasp the gestalt of a month. Isn’t that bizarre? Sunday starts are weeks stacked, too, but I don’t see them that way, I see the whole month! Too weird. But yeah, I really need a month view and apparently I prefer a Sunday start for some quirky reason.

  11. Want! Monthly planning pages. I’d love the exact layout you have posted/ pictured above in the journal 21. Month on two pages, Monday start with the weekend days sharing a square/space. Please! 🙂

  12. i prefer monday-start even though i’m us-based.

    i also like 3-4 week planning pages, but i’m very picky on layout — at a minimum i like it to be rolling — so this year i stopped complaining and designed my own.

    it’s not quite the same as there’s something about a planner/calendar that someone else designed and printed and put in front of me, but i’m figuring it all out.

  13. That’s why I bought the Plannerisms – Going Places Planner this year from Collins UK, Laurie.

    Previously I used to do something on the lines of printing the monthly calendars for the full year as a two page spread booklet and inserting it into the Trinote (similar to what is on the Plannerisms Blog)

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