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This week we’ve received some customer questions looking for specific types of planners. We are always happy to help people find the planner they need.

Here’s one of the questions:

Hi I am looking for a monthy/daily planer that displays the month
on 2 pages to enter meetings and then one page per day to write daily tasks
do you have one?

The Quo Vadis Journal 21 planner is the closest match. It has a full page for each day, and month on one page calendars (as featured here).

Journal 21 cropped

Journal 21 daily pages


Another question we received recently:

I have a Diary Notor 2014, size 4 3/4 x 6 3/4. Does this model
come in pocket size?  Thanks.

Unfortunately the Notor format (with the schedule at the top of the page and lines below for notes) does not come in a smaller size. Is this a planner you might be interested in?

Textagenda 2015 cropped

Notor format


We love hearing from customers, and requests for products we don’t currently have can be discussed for possible future production.

Are you looking for a planner with certain features? Please post a comment and I’d be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

4 thoughts on “Customer questions and requests

  1. Is it still a possibility that the powers that be are considering adding month on two page to the abp1 planner?

    • Monthly calendars are our most-requested feature. The issue is always the number of pages in a book, which is fixed. So that means if features are added, others have to be removed.

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