Customer question: gold-edged planner refills

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Recently we received a question from a customer looking for a gold-edged Minister planner refill. Quo Vadis previously offered gold-edged refills for many of the planners. They were especially popular with people who use the leather refillable covers. But the gold-edged refills were almost twice the cost of the plain-edged ones. Retailers couldn’t sell out of their stocks, and eventually the gold-edged refills were discontinued completely.

We understand that cost is a factor in planner purchases, but so is a feeling of luxury.

Would you be willing to pay twice as much for gold-edged planner refills?

3 thoughts on “Customer question: gold-edged planner refills

  1. No. I feel a dollar or two for a gilt edge would be acceptable. But twice the amount of a planner with a plain edge is too much. I personally prefer a plain edge.

  2. No… Cost is definitely a factor for me when purchasing a planner and gold-edged pages are not on the list of “must haves,” so I’m not willing to pay extra for them — and certainly not double the cost of a planner without them.

  3. Ordinarily I’d say no but I just quite by accident bought a planner on Amazon that has them & I’m smitten. But I don’t think I’m smitten enough to make it a priority over other factors.

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