Writing Wednesday: Thank you notes?

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ThankYouCards_Pile_of_Thanks_jmgrantsWith the gift-giving season coming up, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do about thank you notes this year.

When I was a kid my parents (rightfully) made me write thank you notes to my grandparents to thank them for gifts. It was a good skill to learn, both the card-writing and the etiquette practice.

These days, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wrote a proper thank you card. Most of the people I express thanks to are on a different continent from me, so I send thanks via email which is fast and convenient but just doesn’t have the same feel to it. A handwritten card is such a nice gesture. When I receive one, I always appreciate it.

Do you write thank you cards? Or do you send e-thanks?

4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Thank you notes?

  1. Cards. There is too much possibly for the e-mail to be lost and it takes more effort to send a card and pick one out. It shows you care. The recipient can also open the card when they want. It is silently waiting to be opened. Maybe they open it while having a cup of coffee. Then your “Thank You” may be associated with the smell of coffee and they can feel like they are appreciated each time they smell coffee… It is just an all around better way to show one’s appreciation.

  2. Yes yes yes. As a dinner guest, recovering patient who received get well cards (also via regular mail), or recipient of any other kindness, handwritten cards are a must with me. I still don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel a little lift when reaching into their mailbox and pulling out a carefully addressed, attractive card. I’m not always as prompt as I’d like, but I think the effort is important. Being slowed down by hand writing also allows me more time to reflect on my gratitude for my friend or relative. I did use Jacquie Lawson’s website for post-trip cards to friends overseas this summer, but since I had handcarried hostess gifts at the time of my visit, sent those e-notes with a clear conscience LOL!

  3. I send hand written cards when possible but I’m often foiled by not knowing the address. You’d expect that from online friends but many of the friends I’ve met in real life have been through hobbies or my kids’ school and I just never exchanged addresses.

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