Time Management Monday: Weekly reviews

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I know weekly reviews (or evaluations) are one of the most-recommended practices by productivity advisors. It’s a process that time-management guru Benjamin Franklin did daily. I don’t like to do evaluations but I’m not sure why. I know that listing my accomplishments, my challenges, my setbacks and my triumphs will increase my effectiveness and productivity. But I just don’t like to evaluate my week.

That said, if I functioned in a different environment I can see how weekly evaluations would be very useful in learning lessons on what was effective and what wasn’t. Good business practices are built on this. Hm, maybe I should incorporate this into my weekly routine after all?

Something I do have to do each week is look through each day’s tasks from the previous week and move undone items forward so they don’t fall into the Abyss of Forgotten Tasks. I do this during my weekly planning session (which I’m doing very successfully on Friday afternoons now). In a way this is similar to a review: did I accomplish my goals/ finish my tasks? Which ones didn’t get done? But I don’t delve into the evaluation part.

Do you do weekly reviews and/ or evaluations? Why or why not?

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