Time Management Monday: Weekly planning sessions

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This morning I got up without my daily and weekly plans in place. I knew I had time this morning to sort them out, and I had a fun and eventful weekend so I allowed myself to remain in denial until this morning. Today I knew I had to get to work.

And wow, I was surprised at how much I have on my plate this week. I knew I had a lot of scheduled events, but I hadn’t realized how many tasks I have this week. Some were moved forward from last week, many are new ones.

Normally I intend to do my weekly planning on Sunday evening. Sometimes I do, although I don’t like it. Other times, like yesterday, I allow myself to enjoy the remainder of my weekend in blissful ignorance of what I need to do in the week ahead.

I think I will move my weekly planning sessions to Friday afternoon instead. It will feel like a productive way to wrap up my week. I’ll know what needs to be done for the upcoming week which will allow me to enjoy my weekend and still hit the ground running Monday morning.

Do you do weekly planning sessions? If so, when do you do them?

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