Time management Monday: Falling back

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It’s that time of year again when it feels like winter all of a sudden, no matter what the weather is doing. Dark evenings make me want to ensconce myself on the couch.

I live at 57 degrees north so our sunset is at about 4:20 pm now. It’s always a shock when the clocks turn back and suddenly there’s no more evening light. Evening commutes are entirely in the dark, and evening routines need to be adjusted.

Even simple things like walking the dog or jogging are more complicated in the dark. Where I live, people are very outdoorsy so I see a lot of visibility jackets and flashy bike lights. Another option is to exercise outside during the lunch break when it’s light and somewhat warmer. When the weather’s really cold and windy though, it might be time to move workouts indoors.

How do you adjust your routine to deal with the darker evenings?

2 thoughts on “Time management Monday: Falling back

  1. I’m a night owl, so I allow myself to adjust to the darkness, by providing myself enough light at home. I’ve moved further south for school, so the sun is up at a more logical time for me. My nights involve studying and cooking, and a short nap. I have yet to continue my evening swimming in the dark, though.

  2. I live higher up North so darkness falls earlier and earlier for us. Couple of hundred km´s further people need to go through polar night that lasts almost two months during which sun won´t rise at all.
    We notice to sleep more and to get more sleepy during darker seasons. And it´s all natural. We have to agree with Mother Nature and take rest when we need it. But certainly activity during the lighter hours only makes sense when it comes to outdoorsy things.
    For me, it´s time to dig out my Russians and brew a pot of hot ginger infusion with what to entertain a nice moment with Tolstoy.

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