Poll: Do you prefer the old or new look of the Notor and Textagenda?

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The Quo Vadis Notor and Textagenda day per page planners have a new look this year on the daily pages. We’ve had some comments from users, both happy and unhappy with the new look . It seems people feel strongly either way about the new appearance of the daily pages. I want to see what you think about them.

Below is the new look of the Textagenda (academic-year day per page planner) and the Notor (January-December day per page planner). You can click on the images for a larger view.

Textagenda 2015 cropped

New look Textagenda and Notor, stock image


Below is the old look of the Textagenda and Notor:

Old Textagenda

Old look Textagenda and Notor, photo taken at home

A few years ago there were a lot of comments made when the print was changed from grey to the blue as seen above. So I can imagine this bolder look may be even more controversial.

For easier comparison, here is a scan with the two side by side. The old look is at the left, new look at the right.

Textagenda old vs new scan cropped (550x390)

What do you think? We are collecting votes in the poll located at the right of the page, and results will be discussed in the company-wide planning meeting in June.

Please vote, and comment here too if you like.

14 thoughts on “Poll: Do you prefer the old or new look of the Notor and Textagenda?

  1. I prefer the older. I had actually just come online to buy a new Notor for work and the saw the new design and decided against it. Thanks for asking for feedback!

  2. I really dislike the new look, especially the word ‘Notes’ being on a slant, and the shading that makes various areas look out of focus. I use the Textagenda for my daily journal, and it’s still annoying after seven months.

  3. I think both designs come across as juvenile. The old design was too casual/quirky, with its minimal appointment section, rounded edges and use of color and bold fonts. The new version takes that to greater heights.

    I had only ever seen the student Textagenda – the Notor I won on the blog was my first exposure to the annual version. I tried very hard to use it in February, and again in August just for Personal/family. I really wanted a daily Quo Vadis planner to replace the Visual I had outgrown. But the layout was not functional for the timed section – those afternoon slots on the curve made it hard for the eye to follow.

    So at least the new version fixes that problem, but the dominance of the blue boxes is equally distracting.

    The lack of a block month view in either version is the final deal breaker. I can only assume month block view is uncommon in Europe, as so few QV planners have them, and those that do, are only on a single page, making the blocks difficult to use.

    The Anno planner pages are so scrunched and too much text in tiny spaces – I was unable to use them like I did in the Visual.

  4. My preference definitely leans to the old style. I prefer the clean look of the old page. Meaning that the page is one colour and particular sections are only delineated with specific borders. For me it feels like it has lost its professional look. I think I feel much like what Apple users felt when the ios switched styles in that many people felt that the appearance no longer looked sleek and professional and had a more casual / childlike appeal.

  5. I don’t like the new look at all. The bright blue is distracting (and typically I love blue colors), and I don’t like the square used for the date. I also don’t like that the Priority and the Notes boxes are a solid color. I was hoping this new look was a joke or a mistake actually.

    I’m glad that I’m switching to a Hobonichi for 2015. I’ve used Notor for around 3-4 years, but if this new look is set to stay, I may not use Notor ever again. :\

  6. The other curious change is that the new version has one squared-off corner in the “priority” section while the other three corners are rounded. The older version has all four corners rounded in that section. That drives me nuts and I see it every time I look at that format–after I get past the bright blue square at the top.

  7. I agree that the new look is off-putting. It’s too garish with the big box and cutesy look. When Laurie wrote the post a couple of weeks ago about the monthly calendars in the Text Agenda and the Journal 21, I decided to purchase one. My daughter used a Text Agenda last year, and I loved the small schedule at the top with lined space for journaling or to-do lists. However, when I went to the store, I was totally turned off by the new look. I got the Journal 21 instead–will use as a daily journal so I guess will ignore the times on the side of the page.

  8. I vastly prefer the older version, which is still almost too colorful. Less is more in my mind when it comes to my planner. I’m switching this year from the Space 24 to a Journal 21 – which is still very subtle. I looked at the Notor, specifically because it has an August-July calendar, but I was turned off by all the noise. And the numbers are so big it takes writing space away from the page. JMHO…

  9. I have to say I prefer the old look… saying that I do like the fact the priority and the notes are highlighted in the new version… if they had kept to the rounded colour round the date I think that would have been better myself

  10. I DEFINITELY prefer the old look of the Notor. I wrote a whole blog post about the Notor and highlighted my dislike of the new look. The old look is understated, functional, and classy. The new look is cartoonish. I have even been hesitating buying the 2015 version because I am not excited about the new look and I know it will bother me every time I use it!

    Please bring back the old look!

  11. Sorry, like the older look. Actually just saw the newer version in person today and recoiled from the big blue boxes. I feel like the first thing my eye should see on a planner page is NOT that. :(. Too distracting, I guess…

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