Picking your perfect planner Part 1: Weekly Planners

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The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it the end of your planner. Do you know which one you will choose for next year? If you haven’t chosen your 2015 planner yet, you’re in the right place. My Picking Your Perfect Planner series will help you choose which planner will keep you organized and productive in 2015.

Today we will look at the variety of weekly planners available and help you determine which will work best for you. Subsequent posts will cover the specifics of daily and monthly planners too.

Weekly planners are effective for people who want to see daily details and an overview of the upcoming week. They are a great way to see everything you need to do and when you have time to do it.

There are a variety of sizes and formats to choose from, so let’s figure out which will work best for you.

The original Quo Vadis weekly format has timed daily columns with designated space on the weekly spread for lists and notes. These formats are excellent for busy people and allow you to keep everything in front of you so nothing slips through the cracks. These super-efficient planners come in a variety of sizes from pocket to medium to large, and in annual or academic years.

weekly_planning_diaries_2000 (2)


If you want more open space for lists, notes, sketches and ideas you’ll like the weekly planners with a notes page each week.  They come in pocket, compact and large sizes.

With notes cropped


If you like unstructured space, our Open Format planners are for you. Available in compact or pocket size, annual or academic years, these planners will give you the freedom to organize your days how you like them.

Unstructured cropped

Tomorrow we will look at daily planners for people who like to plan and record each day in detail. And next week we’ll look at the variety of monthly planner options.

Have you chosen your 2015 planner yet? What type of planner works best for you?


4 thoughts on “Picking your perfect planner Part 1: Weekly Planners

  1. I recently purchased a Quo Vadis Hebdo planner for 2015 which will be my third consecutive year using this type of planner. The combination of monthly and annual calendar sections and the open format for each day of the week suits well my needs for use as my primary planner. And the smooth 90g paper performs flawlessly, whether I’m using fountain pens, gel pens, or even highlighters.

  2. I’m an incoming grad student, and I’m currently using a Quo Vadis Principal for the academic year. The past few weeks have been chaotic, and it’s still holding up to my thoughts, scratched out notes, prioritizing and scheduling. For some reason, I keep on looking for a better planner even though it works for me just fine. I might have to use it for the whole year before I decide on another academic planner for 2015.

  3. I have my Quo Vadis Daily 21 for 2015 purchased here in France which I will use for my Journal as I have used the last two years. The paper is such a delight to write on with my Cross fountain pen every day (or nearly every day!)

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