No Daily Pocket in 2015

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Due to declining sales over several years, the Daily Pocket was cancelled for 2015.

We have received some calls and emails from Daily Pocket customers expressing their frustration and grief over the cancellation.  We are sorry, too; the Daily Pocket was our only pocket daily planner.  The Journal 21 and Notor continue to do well, but people who prefer pocket size are unconsoled.  The large hourly space for notes is not replicated in the Business, although the Sapa X is a compact pocket and has open space for notes.

I have asked if there are any alternatives in France to the Daily Pocket.  One possibility is a “Contractor’s” agenda, which shows the week on the left and a grid page for notes on the right. It’s about the same size as the Daily Pocket.  Any interest? Suggestions?

Laurie jumping in here to add: Quo Vadis UK has a 2015 Daily Pocket planner. It is multi-language (including English) with a Habana cover in a variety of color options. The product ordering page is here:  Quo Vadis UK ships worldwide.




3 thoughts on “No Daily Pocket in 2015

  1. Casting out for something daily to fill Mignon cover, as well. I’ve been using Daily Pocket for 10 years, I would guess. Very sorry to see it go. Is it possible to add something of interest to increase sales, again? Turn the page on its side with smaller day and date font, delete priority area, as that can be indicated by the user next to the item, decrease width of page? Don’t think this would spike sales, but may be useful for something daily. Just sorely miss it and ordering Habana from UK is not something I want to do…wasteful re: not a refill, etc. Daily Pocket size is great. Contractor’s agenda would increase area to place a daily appt. though not for all 7 days. I am now looking at Quo Vadis Business 0401 as about 1 1/3″(est.) seems to be an area I could put special notes for a few daily appts. when necessary. Here’s hoping something will come along to replace it.

  2. I was rather sad to see the Daily Pocket disappear even though I ended up using Notor. It was roughly the same size as Moleskine’s pocket daily planner which was what I was trying to move away from (this was around 3-4 years ago). Notor was a little large for me at first, and the Daily Pocket was an obvious substitute.

    I ended up liking the Notor’s old format better than the Daily Pocket, so I went with the Notor.

    If I do find a need for a pocket daily planner, I would have considered the Daily Planner again because I really liked its size… Ah well.

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