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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!

Even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving today, it’s good to think about giving thanks and gratitude. Studies have shown that people increase their happiness when they write gratitude lists regularly, especially daily. Writing what you are grateful for lets you focus on the good things and appreciate what you have. This encourages a cycle of positivity.

In the past I have written three things I was grateful for each day in my daily journal. It helps to see the good even in not-so-good situations. For example the day my daughter broke her wrist, my three things on my gratitude list were that I felt lucky she made it to 9 years old before her first broken bone/ ER visit, I was glad we lived in a country with good medical care where they were able to take care of her right away, and everyone at the hospital was so caring and nice it made the overall experience much more pleasant.

Not every day is that eventful (luckily!) so sometimes my gratitude list includes a hot shower, a refrigerator and a comfortable bed (which I spent 2 years without as a volunteer, so I’ve appreciated them ever since!).

Daily gratitude lists are a popular 30-day challenge. Can you come up with three new things each day for 30 days to be thankful for?

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