Friday Roundup

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Stormy Grey bottle front

J. Herbin Stormy Grey fountain pen ink

Happy Friday everyone!

There are so many great reviews of J. Herbin inks lately. Stormy Grey and Poussiere de Lune remain firm favorites, along with blues, greens and browns.

Gourmet Pens reviews Stormy Grey with drying times and used in several different pens.

Inkoholic on Fountain Pen Network reviews three brown Herbin inks with nice comparisons of the colors.

Inkdependence reviews Herbin Bleu Pervenche with color comparisons of other blue inks.

Well-Appointed Desk reviews Poussiere de Lune with comparisons with several other purple inks.

Life Imitates Doodles reviews Vert Olive showing the shading variation possibilities with this ink.

visvamitra on Fountain Pen Network reviews Bleu Nuit with great photos of the ink splashed on paper, absorbed in paper towel, and the color range digitally displayed.

And not to be missed:  Life Imitates Doodles “elephant in the attic” in a Clairefontaine Crok’Book



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