Free For All Friday

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Today is all about you! Please comment about anything you like. Possible topics of conversation:

  • What types of posts would you like to see more of here on Quo Vadis blog?
  • What features do you wish your planner had?
  • Do you need help deciding which planner to use next year?
  • What are you doing today?

And anything else you want to chat about today!

Happy Friday everyone!

6 thoughts on “Free For All Friday

    • Hi snowflakeschance, they do, sort of. The French Timer 21 inserts fit an A5 binder but have different holes than fit a Filofax. Steve Morton did a great post years ago on hole-punching Timer 21 inserts to fit an A5 Filofax (scroll down in the post to see):

      The Timer 21 inserts are from France but are available to order from the Quo Vadis UK website for worldwide shipping:

  1. I really like the blog as is, but maybe some features on how people use their academic planners would pique my interest. Sorry, I’m a new grad student, and academia/productivity is always on my mind.

    I use a Principal, and I wish it had monthly calendars, but I guess that’s what the Anno-Planning pages are for. I’d like to see if there are any other Principal users, and how they use them.

    I will be trying the Septanote the next academic year, but I was wondering how that would compare to, say, the Academic Minister.
    The Minister was my introduction to Quo Vadis over 4 years ago, and I found an old copy on my bookshelf last night. So now, I’m torn: Septanote or Academic Minister for 2015? 🙁

    What I am doing today: catching up on TV shows and sleep. And snuggling with my pet.

    • I love seeing how people use their planners! If anyone is interested in doing a guest post showing how you use your planner please comment.

  2. I wish the monthly calendars in Daily 21 were two pages instead of one. When they put the Saturday and Sunday on the same day, it’s like they’re saying, “Nothing happens on those days.” If you’re doing a business on the side, that may be where a lot of stuff gets scheduled!

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