Writing Wednesday: Life Journaling

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There are infinite ways to journal: through art, poetry, deep thoughts, goal setting, recording memories or plans for the future. Over the years my idea of what my journal should be has changed and evolved.

I used to write page after page of speculation and reflection, but I never looked at those pages again. But what I did look back at, over and over throughout the years, were my old planners. These were free of the angst of my young journaling pages, and painted a picture of what my life was like at the time.

Fast forward several years and my journaling became a record of the cute things my kids did and said when they were little. When kids are small they come out with noteworthy antics every day that are fun to look back on later. It’s amazing how much I would have forgotten about their little-kid stages if I hadn’t written them down at the time.

Fast forward again to now. My kids are older and don’t necessarily have noteworthy things every day, but I do still like to record events and fun things we do as a family. A couple of years ago I realized I didn’t have the time or energy to journal in a separate book so I started jotting everything into my day per page diary. That worked really well, and the dated page encouraged me to write something to record the day.

About this time last year a friend introduced me to the Bullet Journal concept so I switched over to an undated notebook as my journal and enjoyed unlimited writing each day. I have to admit I don’t stick to the Bullet Journal system, my journal is more like what this woman does in her journal (although mine is more simplistic than hers).

Now my journal is purely a record of my life, from the day to day details to the bigger things like family vacations and trips. I don’t speculate, I don’t project, I just record. And for me, this has been the best type of life journaling.

How has your journaling changed over the years?

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  1. Mine has changed greatly over the years. I started off being a sporatic journaler, never finishing a journal. Then it got to where I was journaling every day (mostly to get through the hard times I was going through). It became something I did regularly. I still journal, to this day, almost every day.
    I too picked up the “Bullet Journal” system and enjoy that very much! It keeps me organized on what I have to do, or what I have done in the past. I REALLY like the Bullet Journal system, however I still have a journal that I write down the events for the day or the goofy things that my kids do .

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