Writing Wednesday: Journaling while traveling

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I recently got home from two weeks in Iceland! I’d been wanting to go there for a very long time, and was not disappointed. It’s an amazing place with spectacular landscapes and rich history.

I kept a journal during my trip to record my days. I took photos (although now that I’m back home I realize I didn’t take nearly enough). But even photos can’t remind me of how much I loved the geology, how much my kids loved the local pool fed by hot springs, and many other things we enjoyed there.

I’m of two minds on journaling while traveling. On the one hand, I want a record of my trip so I can remember what we did each day and what it was like in the country. But on the other, I’m so busy having fun I don’t always have time to journal. I have to admit, as much as I wanted to record our trip, sometimes writing in my journal felt a bit like homework. Usually I fill in my pages a day or two later, when I have time for quiet reflection.

How do you feel about journaling while traveling? Do you like to record your trip? Or do you feel photos capture the memories well enough?

5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Journaling while traveling

  1. Agree some days it feels like homework and I have a hard time staying on top of it when away from home. I used to take a ton of pictures, but now I have a twenty years of them and they mean nothing because they have no story with them. I am hoping to mesh the two and have been able to somewhat, experimenting with a picture here and there.

  2. I really related to this post following a recent trip — I was having so much fun, I was way behind on the travel journal (that I’m really keeping for the children to reflect on holidays later in life and for me when my memory starts going).

    I was still writing it up two days later and still haven’t quite finished it, with the photos to print and sticking in still to be done…

    I was planning on using my passport midori to keep bullet notes to write up later, but it never quite happened… I just quizzed the family instead as to what we had done and what was memorable for them on certain days, which actually is quite useful too since it isn’t just my memories then either.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. If I think I’m going to be more than 24 hours catching up my travel journal (which I keep in some detail), I use my daily planner to note the day’s activity… what I saw/did/ate/bought. Super quick bullet points, just enough to jog my memory. Even weeks later, this combined with my pictures is sufficient to complete a proper journal. 😉

    I enjoy the writing to begin with – recording allows me to live the experience again – and I find it captures the emotion or impact of an event more than just pictures alone.

    My travel journal as a fourteen year old spending the summer in Denmark is irreplaceable LOL!

  4. It always sounds like a good idea and I take along a pen and notebook and never do it. And I don’t even own a camera. I just like to be in the moment and journaling and picture taking interrupt that.

  5. I probably journal more when on holiday or away. I keep a daily journal (and have done since I was 12)- things done, read, thought, ideas etc. Pages and pages of drivel that I am sure one day will find its way into a skip.

    What I always do is carry a pack of post it notes with me that I can record quick ideas things that perhaps I want to firm up with a bit more thought etc. I always leave two pages free at the beginning of a new notebook (I use Moleskin or the cheaper ones from the UK supermarkets that have the pocket in the back cover) then as I note, journal and record I can index as I go. If for whatever reason I can not journal on the day I use a post it note to jot down the bits that I might forget – place names and dates for example then I can write up accurately. I always date the page to with the day I write something.

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