Time Management Monday: When non-urgent tasks become urgent

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It’s easy to push non-urgent tasks off week to week, but at a certain point they become urgent.

A great example: while planning my upcoming vacation, it’s easy to procrastinate tasks because it’s hard to fit them into my already-busy schedule. But pre-vacation last-minute planning is stressful so I’m trying to fit things in as I go.

A solution to completing non-urgent but important tasks is to schedule specific time each week for completing these types of tasks before they become a crisis.

Monthly or weekly checklists for recurring tasks like changing smoke alarm batteries and furnace filters help too.

What steps do you take to ensure your non-urgent tasks don’t reach a crisis point?

3 thoughts on “Time Management Monday: When non-urgent tasks become urgent

  1. I’m finding it a little difficult to schedule mundane chores. I get too busy and then find spots in my diary that say things like “You need groceries!” or “You need a desk day!” Those exclamation points do tend to get me going on whatever tasks really needs doing, though. My vacations, on the other hand, are meticulously planned months in advance.

  2. Deborah-Jane I’m the same with my monthly pages, thank goodness for them! They are a great way to see things coming up way ahead of time so I don’t get caught off guard.

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