Pencil or pen in your planner?

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Pencil  macro "close up"

In my planner I used to use only pen all the time. But this year I switched to pencil (because I got a really cool crystal-topped pencil that I wanted to use) and now I see the benefits of pencil-planning. I didn’t realize how much I used correction fluid, or just scribbling out, until I had the luxury of erasing my writing. It takes away some of the anxiety of planning when I know I can easily erase anything I write. Now I’m much more likely to write tentative plans than I was before. I still use archival ink in my daily journal book, but for future planning I’m loving pencil.

Do you use pencil or pen in your planner?

7 thoughts on “Pencil or pen in your planner?

  1. I use a combination of pen, erasable pen and pencil. Depending on how I gage the probability of meeting actually happening..

  2. I usually use pens for things that are set in stone and pencil for things that are likely to be changed. Sometimes I might use sticky notes for iffy things

  3. I usually use pencil as most of my plans revolve around kids and their plans change at the drop of a hat. I’m particularly partial to the Musgrave pencils made in Tennessee as Musgrave is our last name. Cool pencils and they are already personalized. How perfect is that?
    Also, when the kids start school each fall, I don’t have to ID their pencils as it’s already done for me. I bought them in bulk :p

  4. So, Pilot has these great Frixxion (sp?) erasable pens now. I use those a fair bit when writing something that may require corrections, e.g., my accounting homework. I like that I can use different colors, but still make changes as needed.

    • I loved the Frixion pens until I found out the ink disappears if you leave your planner, notebook, whatever it may be in the car during the hot summer months. I guess that’s how these pens erase, by heat.

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